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Fish processing plant “Diaf”, Shustova SG – one of the largest producers of fish products in the Siberian region. The main activity of the company – industrial processing and marketing of high-quality fish. Over 12 years of operation, we firmly established as a domestic market of Russia and beyond its borders in the EU and the U.S. The main directions in the company: the production of semi-finished and finished fish products, specialized retail network (five stores “Ocean”, “Salmon Fish”) and wholesale and retail basis. During its existence, have been turned out strong partnerships with leading fishing companies have been established and mutually stable relations with key customers, which include a number of leading Russian retail chains. The range of our products has more than 500 items in the following groups:

  • frozen fish fillet;
  • fish farshevye semis;
  • fish, hot and cold smoked;
  • dried;
  • salted and spicy salted.

    Our products are made:

    In today’s high-tech equipment. The company, which is strictly a system of international quality assurance standards based on ISO 9001 and HACCP. Experienced highly qualified. Today we have a production facility, which was created by SRI-tech project “Giprorybflot” St. Petersburg with the requirements of European standards.

    Modern equipment

    In the process of production uses highly functional modern equipment. Smoking is smoking in the facilities the company «NESS», Smoked parameters are set depending on the species of fish and its fat content, using a variety of modes. Installation allows you to achieve uniform drying and smoking products, as well as precise control of humidity, which ultimately allows you to produce only the highest quality and in large volumes. As smoke-produce material used for smoking beech, which gives the product a special taste and aroma. Cutting the fish is carried out by qualified experts using top-notch materials. Freezing of products produced in the cells of intense cooling and quick freezing, preserving the natural texture and flavor. Storage and distribution of products is carried out in specially equipped storage facilities, the total area. In warehouses monitored by the required temperature conditions for frozen -24 ° C reaching, and finished products with temperature to -8 ° C. Delivery of products made ​​with our own transport, which is designed for the transport of perishable products. Machines equipped with facilities for temperature control that allows you to control the temperature of products in transit. The success of any company it is also possible through the development and performance of each employee. Teamwork more than 12 years to successfully implement projects of any complexity, providing a high reputation for business owner Shustova S.G. on the market.