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Frozen fish

Referred to as frozen fish, which is cooled immediately after its capture to a temperature of -6 °, -8 ° C or lower degrees. If frozen fish quality, it looks well-fed, and there are no bruises, wounds. Its surface is completely clean with natural coloring. Freeze fresh fish that we sell, made ​​immediately after its capture. On fishing boats refrigeration equipment is certified European quality. Technically correct, frozen fish can be stored for several months, and its quality does not change, but our company is committed to implement it as quickly as possible to the buyers received the most recent and high-quality product.

Chilled fish

Cool – one of the best ways to preserve fresh fish, protecting it from damage. Is chilled fish, subjected to cold treatment at a temperature close to freezing point (ie, equal to 0-10 ° C), but the freezing of fish juice has not yet started. Fresh fish has a high taste qualities, as cooling muscle juices and frozen meat retains almost all the benefits and taste of fresh fish. Therefore, from the fresh fish you can cook the same dishes as fresh.

Salted fish

The ever increasing demand for this product zastovlyaet us to keep the hard process control input of raw materials and product during the entire production. The technology allows the preparation in its entirety to demonstrate taste of the fish and keep it in the essential vitamins: A, D, B12, PP, and the fatty acid Omega-3.

Cold smoked fish

The technology is similar to hot-smoked, but here the temperature is much lower, and the process longer. Pre-salted fish is treated with wood smoke in a special smokehouse – eventually the fish get fairly dry with a pleasant smell of smoked meat. This fish is retained for longer than smoked, and has a pronounced juicy-salty taste.

Hot smoked fish

Hot smoking takes place at high temperatures in special smoking, where the product comes to the availability under the influence of wood smoke. This treatment makes the fish tender and juicy, with a very tasty meat. When smoking hot, we use environmentally friendly, specially prepared wood beech.

Dried fish

Dried fish called the first salted and then provyalennuyu in the air. For drying (one of the ways of preserving) takes the fish fat or high fat content. This fish is under the influence of heat and sunlight gradually dehydrated, and in the flesh (in proteins and fat), there are complex physical and biochemical processes, in which case it acquires a peculiar taste. Of particular fatty fish after drying obtained delicacies. The peculiarity of dried fish is that it can be eaten without cooking.

Salmon cavier

Red caviar – a traditional treat for any occasion. Almost a third of this delicacy consists of a protein, which is very easily digested and contains increased amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids. As shown by numerous studies, these acids improve brain activity and are useful for the eyes. They enhance the immune system and have strong anti-allergic properties. Salmon caviar does not contain fats and carbohydrates, but the caloric content and energy value exceeds the meat and milk.